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WRESTLING WITH REALITY is a new original docu-soap series that body slams the viewer into the action of the real people behind the characters of a fiercely passionate group of professional wrestlers: the Kardinal Sinners. We follow them on a make-or-break tour, which will either allow them to control their destiny or tear them apart.

Every member of the Sinners has a passion for the lifestyle and the career, a passion that for each of them is now being challenged. They each have come to a point in their lives where they have to make a decision: either give up their wrestling careers and get a ?real? job, or give it one more shot and prove they can make it on the indie pro wrestling circuit.

In this series, we go inside a world of great athleticism and natural showmanship. It is a world guided by a strict code respect, not unlike the mafia. It is a testosterone-fueled climate of drugs, fights (in and out of the ring), and foul language ? plus moments of humor and practical jokes. Mostly, we witness the compelling and sometimes sad tales of men who won?t give up on the dream because the applause and adoration of the crowd is a rush they cannot get any place else.

Each episode features the gritty world of the indie-pro wrestling circuit ? far from the glitz and glam of big budget productions ? as the Sinners do almost anything to get to the big time and put on a good show for their fans. Their pre-scripted fights can easily go too far and land them in the hospital ? if they?re wimpy enough to admit to being hurt. Throw in the shady fight promoters, the excessive bouts of drinking while on the road, sexual temptations from the women on tour, all the while trying to shoot a reality television show that, they hope, will lead them to stardom and you have all the ingredients for high action in and out of the ring.

After a glorious bout that drove the crowd wild, we feel for Gary ?Wildman? Williams as he breaks down and contemplates what might have been if this were 10 years earlier?

We witness a young, cocky wrestler, Sidewinder, being schooled by his elders and eventually fired for lack of passion and dedication to the craft.

We see the strain on close friends, Pete ?Brody Steele? Smith and Rick ?Trash Canyon? Doyle, as they almost come to (real) blows disagreeing on what?s best for the tour.

For everyone who enjoyed last year?s Academy Award nominated movie The Wrestler, this series lays bare the entertaining reality of pro-wrestling and makes viewers regret ever saying that wrestling is fake.