WEIRD WEDDINGS (26 x 30' and a 60' Special)

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How weird are weddings getting? Would you believe exchanging vows at the local 7-Eleven? Okay, how about at centre field during half-time at a football game? While skydiving? You bet! Anyone contemplating an unconventional ceremony should be forewarned ? it's been done before. And even if they haven't thought of it, it's still been done before! But that doesn't stop the most exhibitionist of lovers from making plans for the weirdest wedding yet.

Despite warnings from some marital experts about trivializing the big day, couples are becoming increasingly outrageous in their bid to make their wedding something to remember. From deep-sea ceremonies to vows high on steel girders, from Elvis as commissioner of oaths to Rover and Fifi as bride and groom -- lovers are trashing convention like never before. Clearly, in the world of abnormal nuptials, anything goes.