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TRUCK FARM is a whimsical documentary about the wild world of urban agriculture, as told through the journeys of a 1986 Dodge pickup that has been transformed into a mobile garden. Using green roof technology, heirloom seeds, and Granddad's old pickup, filmmaker and KING CORN co-creator Ian Cheney used the only land he had to grow vegetables in America's biggest city. From its home in Brooklyn, the Truck Farm heads out across the city to meet urban farms and the bold farmers, taking viewers on rooftops, barges, old ball fields and into Manhattan art studios to explore why city people are getting back to the land... Or at least to farming! Can New Yorkers really learn to feed itself?

We meet a rooftop farmer growing 6,000 square feet of produce atop an old warehouse; young volunteers from the projects converting an old baseball diamond into a 3-acre farm; a raft of engineers turning an old floating barge into an autonomous edible garden; and an artist who invented hanging hydroponic window gardens for her Manhattan studio. Together, these moments capture the innovative optimism that embodies urban agriculture everywhere.

But when the truck farm falls victim to several unexpected attacks, the future of urban agriculture is called into question, and the truck farm must come to terms with the realities of feeding a hungry world.

With playful animation featuring a cast of Victorian-era characters and blending serious exposition with serious silliness, TRUCK FARM entreats viewers to consider whether sustainability needs a dose of fun and whimsy to be truly sustainable. And with the occasional comical, musical narration by Brooklyn's The Fishermen Three, Truck Farm is the story of how food for tomorrow will sprout in unexpected places.

More information at: http://truck-farm.com