THE STORK (26 & 30')

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The Stork is a series of touching and beautiful stories of couples having babies. We bring you the miracle of birth and the ultimate outcome of love and devotion, along with the whole gamut of human emotions associated with childbearing. They?re not always happy stories as bringing a child into the world is a life altering event and often causes friction for various reasons. We show it all in this critically acclaimed series has begun its 10th broadcasting season in Canada. Each episode features a new couple with a different story.

Some of the stories include:

-Lyse and her husband who are expecting their fourth child. Her husband has always wanted a big family. But for Lyse this pregnancy is difficult and she worries about her weight. She falls into a depression. The family rallies around her to snap her out of it.

-Like many women, Veronica dreams of having a family with someone she loves. But life deals her a surprise. She becomes pregnant with a boyfriend she?s just met and not sure she loves. Further, the boyfriend isn?t ready to become a father and wants no part of it. But Veronica wants the child and looks for support elsewhere to help get her through this: her best friend and her mom.

-Stephanie and Sebastian have been a couple for three years. When Stephanie becomes pregnant she?s forced to concede that she doesn?t
love Sebastian and wants to abort the baby. Besides, she claims that
they cannot afford a baby. Sebastian is not in agreement and is wildly in love with Stephanie. What to do?

-Maryam has been a single mother for six year. Then she meets Christopher and both feel the same way about love- they?ve given up on it! It?s not for either of them. Remarkably, they fall in love with each other. Christopher quickly incorporates Maryam into his life and especially her daughter Anais. Two kids later, the couple now awaits their fourth child. They share their wonderful story of how love, for them, saved them both.

-Melanie and Eric want to have a big family. They?re expecting their fourth child, and while number one and two were easy for Melanie, during number her third pregnancy, she started suffering from rheumatoid polyarthritis. Her fourth pregnancy becomes very difficult because the condition cannot be treated by her usual medication. The couple discusses the prospect that this indeed may be their last child.

-Sabrina and Daniel are ready to have a family, but sadly they discover that Sabrina can?t have children. Once they get over this emotional blow, they turn to international adoption and adopt a baby boy from South Korea.