Life Ascending
Enter one of the most spectacular mountain ranges in the world while experiencing its sublime beauty and the ever-present risk of a living life on the edge.


Gourmet Escapes
Join master chef Massimo Capra as he travels the world in search of fine foods and the opportunity to work with his culinary colleagues.
  Travel Guy
"Know Before You Go!" and official Travel Guy, Frank Greco, will do just that by exploring spectacular destinations, people, and activities around the world.
  Paddling Bryans
Follow two adventerous young men as they embark on an epic 3,500 mile canoe trip from Canada, across America, all the way the Gulf of Mexico!
Ocean's 14
Fourteen men set out to break a record by rowing across the Atlantic Ocean testing their stamina, character and bonds of friendship.
  Rhythm & Blooms
Take a continent wide trip to North America's most spectacular Botanical Gardens to original music by some jazz world great artists.
  GT Racer
This is classic car racing!
A worldwide fast growing phenomenon where colorful characters live out their most sophisticated car-crazed dreams.
Follow an adventurous band of guerilla photographers /
urban adventurers as they slip behind the barricades to capture haunting yet beautiful images in decaying structures.
Resonance Mali
"Resonance, Mali" is
much more than than
'just another film about
an African country.' It sets itself apart from other documentaries.
  Shaken & Stirred: Racing Vintage Astons at Spa
Shaken & Stirred
shares the unique
experience of the
time-travel to the golden
era of car racing.
  Have Camera, Will Travel
Go behind the scenes with travel photographers around the globe. Shot in HDTV but also available
in standard definition.
  Freediver: Into the Abyss
This unique documentary
chronicles the attempts of
Canadian free diver
Mandy-Rae Cruickshank
to capture the women?s world title.
The Empty Mind
See the inspiration for fight sequences and locations for such blockbuster films as CROUCHING TIGER HIDDEN DRAGON.