RHYTHM & BLOOMS (38 x 30') IN HD

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An HDTV journey through the Botanical Gardens of North America. Botanical Gardens are a coveted destination on every tourist itinerary. They give us a sense of calm and wonder, a languid interlude from the hectic pace of modern life. The new series Rhythm & Blooms takes the HDTV viewer on a continent wide trip to North America's most spectacular Botanical Gardens. A chance to slow down, linger and pause over the textures and beauty of nature. A chance for the HDTV viewer to stop and almost smell the flowers!

Rhythm & Blooms is an unparalleled visual and aural journey through 36 of North America's shrines of color. Accompanied by an original soundtrack from some of the jazz world's most renowned artists, this series promises to be a compelling HDTV experience for the eyes and ears.

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