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Take ?Amazing Race? with elements and ?The Bachelor? and you get Prenup Challenge, a new series that poses the tough questions every future bride and groom should ask themselves and each other before stepping up to the altar.

Produced by Stonehenge Media Group, the series takes 3 couples to the island of Dominica where they confront physical and emotional challenges designed to test their compatibility, their commitment and their relationships. The couples are guided by a team of therapists, marriage experts, who offer their verdict on each of the unions in the final episode. There will be tremendous drama in seeing these couples test their ability to make a marriage work. At the same time, the series will tell us a lot about the emotional bonds that are the essence of any marriage ? and will do it in a fresh, entertaining way.?

Episode 1 - Selection
Who will take on the Prenup Challenge? Out of the hundreds of couples who applied to take the Prenup Challenge, a dozen engaged couples go before a panel of relationship experts to make their case to be chosen. The couples reveal intimate secrets, share their fears and open their lives to public scrutiny ? all vying for a spot on the island.

Epsisode 2 - Assumptions and Expectations
Goal Line Challenge What starts out as a fun outing quickly turns to disaster as the couples find themselves stranded on this exotic but secluded tropical island. With a deadline looming, the couples are abandoned by their drivers. Thrown head first into a situation beyond their control, their reactions are real and revealing, a stark contrast to what they told the experts about how they deal with conflict.

Eps 3 - Values
Prenup Negotiation Tension and tears ensue as the couples are asked to imagine the worst. With no advanced warning or preparation, they must negotiate a Prenup Agreement. On opposite sides of the bench, in front of the entire court, the couples watch in shock as their partners' appointed lawyer argues vehemently for the upper hand in the deal.

Eps 4 - Communication
"Capture the Flag" - Island Style The race is on to find the Prenup flag. Unbeknownst to the couples - it doesn?t exist! Communication styles are examined and tempers flare in this fast paced race. Cooperate or cast blame, argue or solve?each couple deals with the roadblocks in this challenge in their own way, but which way leads to marital bliss?

Eps 5 - Intimacy
The Perfect Seduction A dance of intimacy leads to the perfect seduction, as the men have to plan their partner?s perfect date. With no resources and only one hour to prepare, the men must organize a romantic outing for their partner.

Eps 6 - The Journey Ahead
Therapists and couples go on a hike symbolizing their hope for a life of marital bliss vs the challenges ahead of them. Are they in fact ready to get married? Therapists give feedback on each couple, with a great send-off.