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From the producers of BEHIND THE CAMERA and CRIMES OF FASHION comes a new television series photoXplorers.

photoXplorers follows an adventurous band of guerilla photographers/urban adventurers as they slip behind the barricades to capture haunting images of abandoned buildings and structures from around the world.

Forgotten industrial mega-structures, castles and arenas of public gathering appear as post-modern ghost towns.

The images captured by this talented and charismatic group are beautiful, original and eerily alive. The team is a rare guerrilla art force like none other.

While fully exploiting the optical potential of HIGH DEFINITION, photoXplorers is quite possibly, the most deliberately ?visual? television series offered today.

photoXplorers invites the viewers to crawl under the barbed wire fences, slip behind the plywood barricades and marvel at the ?beauty of decay?.

Locations trespassed include:

Hasard de Cheratte - Coal mine, Belgium: This coal mine dates back to the 1860's. The mine has been closed since 1977, and time has stood still since then.

Sanatorium Bezancon - Tuberculosis hospital, France: This breathtakingly beautiful location was just 30 minutes north of Paris. It was originally the home of a French prince and then became a sanatorium in the early 70?s. It may see new life again as a golf resort.

Central Thermique - Power plant, Luxembourg: The Central Thermique was used to produce electricity from the highly toxic furnace gas of the neighboring furnaces. The electricity was intended for domestic and industrial use. Build in 1951, the Central Thermique has been closed since 1997, a day after the last furnace was shut down.

Chateau de Noisy - Castle, France: The most beautiful abandoned castle one could imagine, built, rebuilt, modified and expanded from the 1500s onward. This gorgeous structure evolved from a defensive fortress to a boarding school over time before being abandoned in the middle of the 20th century. It has decayed by natural means with very little outside interference or vandalism and conjures picturesque images of beautiful deserted buildings.

Sinteranlage - Industrial factory, Germany: This metal and ball bearing plant was been built in 1910 and shut down in 1995. It offers incredible industrial decay images.

Kent school - Church, Germany: The Kent School site at Hostert was originally established by monks in the 14th Century. The Order of the Franciscans of the Holy Cross from Waldbreitbach/Wied arrived in 1909. Their activity ended 1937 due to the outbreak of the Second World War.

More information, please visit http://www.photoxplorers.com/