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"Only The Young... marks the cutting edge of non-fiction cinema."
-Robert Greene, Sight & Sound/BFI

"One of the best documentary films of 2012!"
-Simon Kilmurry- POV/PBS

"[Only the Young] capture[s] small moments that seem too good to be true yet too genuine to be staged or scripted, with an exceptional lyricism not found in most fiction features."
-Roger Ebert

"...a major feature debut...Beautifully shot and affectionate without turning cute or coddling, it's the best kind of crowdpleaser."
-Filmmaker Magazine

"...one of the freshest and most assured debuts in recent memory."

"...indeed, this is a very, very Wes Anderson-looking documentary."

Garrison and Kevin live in a small desert town with nothing to do. In foreclosed homes and deserted underpasses they create their own fun and avoid the realities of being an adult while sharing a love of skateboarding. Skye is strong-willed, beautiful and wise beyond her years. She?s trying to fight bank managers from taking the house her grandparents raised her in. The boys hold each other in loving tension throughout the film, displaying vulnerability, admirable self-consciousness, relatable naiveté and an almost embarrassing integrity. Over one last summer of first loves and heartbreaks, friendship and self-made adventure, these three teenagers find everything they knew beginning to transform before their eyes.

An incredibly intimate, candid and instantly relatable portrait of a moment in life we?ve all shared, this is a film that will be close to people?s hearts. Documentary directors Elizabeth Mims and Jason Tippet display remarkable sensitivity and a penchant for wry and respectful humor in their treatment of Kevin and Garrison?s journeys and travails. Only the Young continuously surprises with its low-key stylistic choices, which are intuitively pitch-perfect in relation to the stories of these young men.  It is a staggeringly beautiful story of male teenage friendship, the complications of young love and the moment life moves from the stability of childhood into an ever-changing adult world. If that doesn?t sell you, come for one of the best dance scenes in a movie this year.