OCEAN'S 14 (60')

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A test of endurance, tenacity and the uncanny ability to predict the unknown, as the crew of a small Rowing boat embark on a perilous, man powered journey across the Atlantic Ocean.

Racing across five time zones, the 14-strong British and Irish crew of ?La Mondiale? compete around the clock, chasing a daunting world record set by an elite team of French legionnaires over fifteen years ago. Leaving from Gran Canaria off the coast of Africa and rowing for over a month in conditions that quickly descend into a surreal recreation of forced labor, the crew make for the Caribbean state of Barbados and a place in the history books.

As if this weren?t arduous enough, only three of the entire crew has any previous rowing experience and none have ever rowed at sea. In order to prepare them for the expedition the men are whittled down in the Scottish highlands by members of the Special Forces, who put them through their paces in a grueling selection process - Only the toughest will make the cut.

At sea, the men must work two hours on, two hours off, 24 hours a day, battling sub-tropical storms within their first 48hrs on the ocean, encountering ominous marine life, shark feeding frenzies and facing internal power struggles that threaten to undermine the endeavor completely. Can this team of alpha male personalities bury their differences and become the highly organized, cohesive unit required to stand a chance of achieving the impossible? In this epic voyage documented in full by director Stuart Kershaw, the team must overcome the adversity of the elements, isolation from friends and loved ones and most of all the unending stress of living with each other!

Ocean?s 14 is a testament to one of the last great challenges on Earth, to three thousand miles of landless ocean and to the indomitable nature of the human spirit.