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This Is Nollywood tells the story of the Nigerian film industry, a revolution enabling Africans with few resources to tell African stories to African audiences. Despite all odds, Nigerian directors produce between 500 and 1,000 movies a year.

The larger Nollywood story is intercut with the struggle of director Bond Emeruwa to complete a feature-length action film in just 9 days on the outskirts of Lagos. Armed only with a digital camera, two lights, and about $20,000, Bond faces challenges unimaginable in Hollywood and Bollywood. Will he make it?

As Bond says, ?In Nollywood we don?t count the walls. We learn how to climb them. We are telling our own stories in our own way, the African way,? Bond says. ?I cannot tell the white man's story. I don't know what his story is all about. He tells me his story in his movies. I want him to see my stories too.?

Bond is just one of the incredible protagonists of Nollywood, Nigeria?s burgeoning but little-known movie industry that is rapidly changing Africa's modern popular culture.

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