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"Multinational companies impoverish the developing countries by concealing financial transactions through tax havens. This undisguised corruption contributes to the preservation of colonialism, and to the widening gap between wealthy and poor countries. To fight corruption is an important key to more democracy and justice?
- Eva Joly.

Broadcasters include: TV3 in Spain, YLE in Finland, DR in Denmark, SVT in Sweden, RUV in Iceland, NRK in Norway, ARTE in France & Germany, RTS in Switzerland, ORF in Austria, CBC in Canada

The Network, established by Eva Joly in 2005, is exclusively open to the most professional and fearless corruption hunters in the world. They are twenty public prosecutors and investigators from selected countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe, who meet every six months to support and develop strategies for each other's cases. They meet in order to find new tools in the struggle against corruption. They investigate some of the wealthiest, greediest and most influential leaders and enterprises in the world. Most alarming? many corruption hunters have been killed.

The members are tightrope walkers between political cowardice and the faith in a just world. In the opinion of the initiators, grand scale corruption is international, requiring international solutions. Consequently, they invited key individuals who prosecute corruption all over the world.

Our meetings are a peculiar mixture of professional techniques and humanitarian compassion. We examine every single case, in order to fit the pieces together like in a jigsaw puzzle,? Eva Joly says.

Most of the Network members have their basis in a public position. It is a delicate balance, and very often the cases are "dismissed" when the investigator has come "too far" in his investigation and important persons feel threatened. Cases are dismissed, and the investigator has to "quit" his job.

Corruption is a win-win situation for the major companies and those with privileges, but a disaster for the individual nation and its people.

Fighting corruption is a dangerous, difficult and lonely road for every corruption hunter, states Joly.