MURDER (International Title) (60')
MATAR (Spanish Title)

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In Nicaragua, the Catholic Church is fanatically "pro-life." Nonetheless, every single year, it plays a part in sending an unknown number of pregnant Nicaraguan women to their death. This urgent documentary exposes how the women in Nicaragua are literally fighting for their lives as they face the most inflexible ban on abortion in the world.
Nicaragua prohibits abortion in all its forms. Even if a pregnancy poses a substantial threat to a woman's life, she and her doctor will be imprisoned for trying to save her life with a therapeutic abortion. This devastating situation is the result of a pact between Nicaragua's president, the former socialist revolutionary leader Daniel Ortega, and the powerful Catholic Church prior to Nicaragua's nation-wide elections in 2006. With the help of the Church, Ortega became president and salvaged an inert political career. In return, he pushed through a law that criminalized abortion.
MURDER offers up a harrowing portrait of the human suffering that has occurred as the direct consequence of this law. Among other characters, Johnsen follows a female gynecologist who is valiantly risking her life to help women and young girls who are facing death during childbirth or who have become pregnant as the result of rape.
MURDER brings the audience close up with the women of Nicaragua who are exposed to these perils and to the courageous individuals who are fighting to change the law.