MIRAGE MEN (60' & 85')
DIRECTED BY John Lundberg, Mark Pilkington, Roland Denning and Kypros Kyprianou.

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"Tantalizing... a juicy subject matter and high end production values."

-Hollywood Reporter

"Programmer's picks...US political corruption and mind games."

-The Guardian

"A movie for fans of Philip K. Dick and George Orwell."

-Sight & Sound

"A chilling descent into the murky underworld of myth making"

How the US government created
a myth that took over the world.

What if you discovered elements in the US military had actively encouraged and disseminated a plethora of absurd stories as part of their Cold War counterintelligence arsenal - manufacturing the myth of the UFO as a powerful weapon of mass deception and the perfect cover for all manner of clandestine technologies and operations?

ET visitors... crashed UFOs... back-engineered alien technology... the government cover-up of a secret that would change the world as we know it... These are the core elements of the modern UFO mythology, a story that has captivated farmers, princes and generals for generations, and shows no sign of loosening its grip on the popular imagination.

Now, for the first time, some of those in the US government whose actions have directly shaped the UFO mythology, and some of their victims, tell their stories, revealing a surreal disturbing and sometimes tragic sequence of events that is part Manchurian Candidate and part Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Mirage Men draws viewers into a saucer-shaped hall of mirrors, a shadow-world where every lie contains elements of the truth, and the truth is far stranger than the UFO believers, or their detractors, would have you believe. Based on the best-selling book by Mark Pilkington.

More info: miragemen.com