A Film By John Mullen

Alberto Arroyo is known as the mayor of Central Park, and in this unassuming portait of his life, we are presented with a man who is the mayor of his own life. Against the richly alive backdrop of Central Park, Arroyo's spiritual womb and inspiration, we follow him through changing days and seasons, greeting friends, reminiscing and teaching. Filmmaker John Mullen, with an embracing musical background by Leni Stern, catches the enigmatic presence of this celebrated soul. A man at once private and open, Arroyo is like one of the statues in his beloved park whose constancy, whether one knows the associated story or not, is a fixture giving friends, fans and passing strangers a fortifying security and inspiration. "The Mayor of Central Park" captures on film that which eludes form and is often experienced in a sanctuary such as Central Park: the spirit of random thought, a philosophical moment sensed - expressed and not expressed, sometimes noticed, many times not, but always quietly present.

In his continual solo walk that began long before his participation in the first New York City Marathon Alberto Arroyo is a fellow traveler with life experiences, dreams, observations and moments of public recognition - a compatriot on this kaleidoscopic journey no one of us quite understands.