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'Ukrainian & Russian women's personalities are different from Western women. The main difference is that they are much more patient and can tolerate things that Western women will never be able to bear. They are well groomed, stylish, educated and intelligent but they pay less attention to sports and diets. Nevertheless, they are rarely overweight.'

What happens when you take a group of eager Western men to Odessa, Ukraine where young, beautiful and single women are everywhere and give them a short period to meet a wife in contrived and awkward situations? Welcome to the hilarious ride that is LOVE TRANSLATED!

It's a jungle out there especially where men have only ten days but countless opportunities to meet the right woman - or fall for a scammer in this land of stunning beauties. Not all men are losers and not all women are gold diggers, but the abundance of romantic opportunities brings out the best (more like the worst) in human nature. At its most absurd, Love Translated is like a wildlife documentary film. Social events are organized to introduce men to hundreds of skimpily dressed beautiful women. Both the men and women have different strategies for this life changing game and plans are discussed, reworked and foiled. We follow the games closely as men choose which women to go on dates with and struggle mightily to seduce them all the while trying to overcome the language barrier, cultural differences and age gap.

Organized by ANASTASIA DATING TOURS, men from US, Canada, Europe, Middle East and even Japan fly to Odessa in the Ukraine, get on a bus and travel together from one place to another, meeting women along the way. What type of Western man goes on these Bride Tours? The audience will be divided in their opinions - some will see the men as pathetic losers and some as brave romantic souls. During the tour, most men are making plans to meet as many women as possible: the trip is expensive and one should increase his chances of finding a loving wife by diversifying the portfolio. Michael, who has never had a date in his life before Odessa, eventually loses track of how many girls he "had an appointment with"; while Ramon, a charming smart doctor, spends his whole trip with just one girl who he met on the second day of the tour. Will this plan work? The beautiful Galina, Ramon's girlfriend, gives us a chance to understand the realities of living in Eastern Europe as a single attractive woman and shows us exactly how much perfume one must put on to attract the right man. For some, these Western guys are a tool that would allow them to either marry up and live in a better place. And at the very least, buy an expensive pair of shoes!
But most guys are not saints either.

The film is shot in a sexy and stylized manner and the mood is light and amusing, which reflects the attitudes of our characters participating in this unusual experiment. After the wild and crazy trip is over, only one couple will stay together, but it is not the one you would have guessed.