JUMP! The World's Greatest Streakers (52')

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Jaume Marquest is an eccentric outsider striving to bcome famous by streaking in front of the cameras at major televised sporting events under his alter ego "Jimmy Jump".

"Jump! The World's Greatest Streakers", follows Jimmy's journey from Barcelona to Madrid where he will attempt to streak at the largest football match in Spain - "El Calssico" live infront of 80,000 spectors and 100 million people watching worldwide.

But if Jimmy wants to be the best, he has to compete with a handful of Jumpers who are all competing for the same crown, and his journey to Madrid will open the doors into the eccentric world of professional sports streaking.

We will meet world famous streaker, Mark Roberts, who after 15 years in the game has streaked more international events than anyone in history - including the granddaddy of all sports events, the NFL Super Bowl!  Ron Bensimhon, who garnered international media attention for his dive into the pool wearing nothing but a tutu at the 2004 Summer Olympic Games, will also talk about what drives them to do it, the glory and the repercussions that come along with the lifestyle, and what it takes to be a true professional streaker.

We will go even deeper into the scene to meet the lawyers that represent them, the security teams that try to stop them, the famous celebrities that have streaked the media for publicity, the renegade marketing companies that sponsor them, and the public relations specialists that deal with the fallouts when publicity stunts become pubilicity disasters.

With nearly 1000 security officers in positions, and over 80,000 people assemebled to watch the biggest football match of the year, Jimmy Jump will walk up to the gates of the Bernabeu Stadium in Madrid with one goal in mind: to get inside, get on the field, and run before the millions of people watching the game around the world.

Set against the backdrop of the world's most popular sport, will Jimmy Jump prove that he is the most famous streaker in the world has ever seen?

More info can be found at: http://streakerfilm.com