JET AGE "Terminal Glamour"

A 13 part documentary series exploring and celebrating our monuments built to air travel, airports. From Toronto to Hong Kong, The Netherlands to Dubai, air travelers are experiencing a renaissance in architecture and design all under one roof... Terminals have become a destination in and of themselves. More and more creature comforts and eye candy confront passengers. In many cases, the retail experience and grandeur of the structures are a testament to the planners and architect and engineering firms themselves, taking creative risks, making a statement and constructing environmental livable art. Airports come second only to art galleries and museums in the pantheon of projects that the world’s greatest architects most aspire to.

Often the air terminal is a traveler’s first impression of a new destination. If first impressions are important, then maintaining the wow factor is one of the keys to building a structure with practical and whimsical attributes. Unlike museums and galleries, the airport must meet the pragmatic challenges of moving great numbers of people in a secure and fluid environment, so the challenges presented to design firms are huge, but the pay off can be historic. Today’s air terminals are multi-billion dollar investments; hotly contested design approaches compete for the grand prize and for immortality.

The modern air terminal first took flight in the late 50’s and to this day still offers architects the chance to design on a grand scale and engineers the opportunity to make their dreams reality. As firms push the limit on design, the engineering aspect of these projects often breaks into new frontiers, from creating man made islands; witness Osaka International Airport, to building the largest enclosed building in the world Hong Kong’s International Airport. Engineers are often faced with construction challenges that require new and innovative procedures and a great deal of determination. These construction sites often employ a work force of 10 thousand or more, in the case of Hong Kong, 21,000 people labored for 2 years to complete the project on budget on time, a modern feat that is yet to be matched.

Jet Age will delve behind the scenes to reveal how various airports integrate operational systems to make travel as seamless as possible for the thousands of commuters who pass through each and everyday. To supplement the footage shot on location, the production team will rely on archival footage and stills chronicling construction stages. Where applicable, animation will be employed in sequences to peel back facades and structures to reveal the engineering skeleton that lies beneath the surfaces.

Jet Age visit’s international terminals, touring the structures, with members of the teams who designed and tackled the construction, to get insight into the creative challenges presented by the projects. A walk and talk approach will create a pace where by in a single half hour audiences will become familiar with the terminal, and walk away with a greater understanding of the details that go into their creation. Jet Age will also sample the retail, entertainment and lounge environments presented by the terminals.

Meet the design teams, architects, engineers; meet the future of air travel now.

Featured international airports may include:

Changi, Singapore

Beijing's Terminal 3, China

Hong Kong, China

Dubai, UAE

Munich, Germany

Copenhagen, Denmark

Zurich, Switzerland

Helsinki, Finland

Kansai, Japan

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Vancouver International Airport

Jet Age will feature a host with a working knowledge of architecture/
engineering and airport design, to be cast with partner broadcaster(s).

The series will be shot in a letter boxed cinematic style that reflects a coffee table top book presentation of airport terminals.

Each episode will include sequences as bumpers that will give insight and feature visuals about the design principals and grandeur of historical airports.

Show note; All security sensitivities will be respected.

Produced by Maverick Media + Communications and Keep It in the Family Productions