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With just one spot of red paint between the eyes the Parisian artist ZEVS, executes the advertising industry's images of perfect humans. 'People don't think about the force of advertising,' says ZEVS and continues, 'But with just one psst I remove the force, so advertising looses its effect'. Inside Outside follows ZEVS and other street artists from New York, Stockholm, Copenhagen and São Paulo. They all make a living off their art, but the also have an urge to exhibit their work illegally in the streets.

Inside Outside is a film about the energy artists get when working in the street. An energy they're missing when exhibiting in galleries and museums, an energy that brings life to their art and to their own lives.

The artists featured in Inside Outside all face some kind of dilemma with the restrictions and norms of the society they live in, the forces of the commercial art world and the advertising industry who are looking for the next big thing and want to have their bite of the energy and coolness that the street art scene is brimming with.


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An entertaining introduction to the current copyright climate from Moscow toBrazil, over to Hollywood, Nigeria and Sweden.

Good Copy Bad Copy vividly displays the global dilemmas of copyright law. Who really owns what? And what is the purpose of copyright? Good Copy Bad Copy travels alongside Gnarls Barkley's mega-hit 'Crazy' to northern Brazil for a local reflavouring and back to remix virtuoso Girl Talk in Pittsburgh. In Sweden, Hollywood henchmen and 'Pirate Bay' followers clash, while in African movie capital 'Nollywood' in Nigeria no one worries about copyright or "piracy". Until now.

"Good Copy Bad Copy is a superb copyright documentary on the remix wars, remix culture and copyright. The film skips around the world... The movie has a very light touch, and a lot of humor. This has been a banner year for copyright documentaries, but this is the best looking of the lot, with superb production values. This is a master class on the copyright wars crammed into one hour. A must-see."

- Cory Doctorow, Boing-Boing

For more info on both films above, see www.rosforth.com