HOT PAINT - Series in Development

"HOT PAINT" is a North American odyssey; a Cirque de Soleil-like concept made up of Jeff King and his company of loose cannons comprising a virtual circus. They’re all there - stage hands, performers and groupies who travel city to city, auditioning artists and models, and preparing them for an evening of competitive bodypainting.

Every episode is comprised of three vivid story threads each one with a dramatic arc, some resolved within the episode, others continuing over the scope of the season.

A-STORY: Competitor stories. Sensible citizens like you and me are lining up to audition for a competitive spot in "HOT PAINT." Why? What are they thinking? Some are talented artists and models, but many are not. Jeff selects the best mix of artist and model. Some teams meld like soul mates; some teams fall apart. But why do so many of them insist that the experience changed their lives?

”You don’t feel naked at all … I only hope none of my patients are
in the crowd, tonight.”

-Donna Lee, family doctor.

“Something about "HOT PAINT" changes people.”

-Bob Stefanyk, law student and first-time model.

B-STORY: ‘B’ stands for backroom, where the "HOT PAINT" executive struggles to keep their mighty ship afloat. Team leader and artistic genius, Jeff King, seems especially to be functioning on whim and wishful thinking. For the last eight years he’s been entertaining crowds locally with his "HOT PAINT" competitions. Now, his sights are set on a continental tour. Most people see Jeff as a Pied Piper of free spirits. He’s also a bit of a macho drama queen, which is a good thing, since the episodic through-lines never stray far from the consequences of his lack of organizational skills.

C-STORY: Toward the World Championships. Each week’s winner adds another team to the slate of competitors for a final showdown at the North American Bodypainting Championship. The eventual winner travels to Seeboden, Austria to face the world's best.

Key Characters:

JEFF KING: Shaved dome, bad mustache, bedroom eyes, ready sense of humor. Hates e-mail, loves beer, loves women and women love him after he disarms them with his loveable insults. Claims to have painted boobs bigger than his head. Always in love, just not quite sure with whom at any given time - except Amy. A broken heart waiting to bleed over every episode.

AMY HOULTON: Single mom, works in a glass company. As naturally comic as she is caustic. Jeff’s first model when they won the Vancouver competition seven years ago. Quick wit and well-spoken. Fast spoken - yikes! Taken altogether, she’s what keeps Jeff and this entire show on the road. You’ll love her, you’ll hate her. Romantic target for the young bucks on the bus. (We can hear Jeff’s heart breaking, already.)

DAWN TYNDALL: Likes e-mail. Business head, professional events coordinator and athletic games director, former Nanaimo City Councilor. More importantly, she’s our ballast when the emotional seas run high. Calls Jeff to account and tells it like it is even if he doesn’t like it, which is most of the time. Zen practitioner. May never find a peaceful place to sit down until season’s end.

SEAN JONES: Bodybuilder, cake baker, male model with a quick wit especially with digs at Jeff. Sean flirts with the cameras all the time. Sean appears to be always riding the opportunity train – so much so that Dawn keeps a close eye on him. Jeff is entertained by him, and Amy just wants to pose with him. Hard to say where the fallout will happen with Jeff’s "Archie Bunker" like manner, meeting head on with Sean’s "Mr. Jefferson-like" style. Let the politically incorrect banter begin.

"HOT PAINT" artistically revealing television.