Go behind the scenes with travel photographers around the globe. Shot in High Definition TV but also available in standard broadcast.

"Diving among schools of dolphins off the Micronesian island of Palau... Balancing against a wind-swept rock face to photograph the sun rise over a Chilean mountain range... Following a world-class food photographer as he paddles through a thousand-year-old Asia floating market... Capturing crocodiles on camera from an outrigger canoe in Africa... Searching for that elusive picture-perfect moment..."

These are the kind of adventures travel photographers experience every day. And the refrain these professionals hear again and again? "You must have the best job in the world." But what is a day-in-the-life of a travel photographer really like? Is this much-envied profession as wonderful as it looks? How do they find a new take on a familiar subject? HAVE CAMERA, WILL TRAVEL will follow some of the world's best-known travel photographers as they take us with them on assignment for some of the world' s best travel and food magazines. We'll get an "over the shoulders" look at how they create their images. And we'll gain an uncommon view of the featured destinations, as seen through photographers' eyes. Episode 1 is completed and available shot in MICRONESIA with pro photographer Art Brewer.