THE EMPTY MIND (60' or 7 x 30')

The Empty Mind is a dynamic fusion of Martial Arts, Music and Documentary Storytelling. This (60' or 7 x 30') series has been two years in the making. Filmmaker JON BRAELEY has gained unprecedented access to the most mythologized places in the world of Martial Arts. From the Temples of SHAOLIN, recreated in numerous classic martial arts films with stars like Bruce Lee and Jet Lee, to WUDAN Mountain (recently recreated in Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon), from the HONBU DOJO and Training Halls of Japan, to KENDO Championships at the BUDOKAN where viewers will witness firsthand the terrifying precision and relentless fury of true Samurai swordsmanship. ?The Empty Mind? strips away the hype and myths to reveal the real masters of today and their devoted students, as they tackle the torturous physical and spiritual journey to perfection. The ultimate goal is the flawless mental and physical state that is only achieved by attaining the true quiet of ?The Empty Mind?.

Series Titles include:
Eps 1: SHAOLIN TEMPLE- Discovering the Next Jet Li
Eps 2: WUDAN MOUNTAIN- Not Just a Myth
Eps 3: BEIJINH WUSHU- Meeting of the Masters
Eps 4: KYUDO- The Ancient Art of Archery
Eps 5: SHOTOKAN KARATE- The Empty Hand
Eps 6: AIKIDO- Spirit and Harmony in Action
Eps 7: KENDO- The Battle of the Samurai