DOOR TO DOOR (10 x 30')

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In guerilla fashion, our host, Jason Agnew, and camera crew politely invade homes across the country and immediately begin to offer cash for items of interest. ?We?ll give you $200 for this old doll but you MUST decide right now! Deal or no deal?? But wait folks, there?s more!

Our hilarious host then offers cash, prizes and trips for locating obscure household items. ?The catch is that you have only one minute to put your finger on it. GO!? Imagine the mayhem as we follow Mrs. Grant from room to room as she tries to find a rubber chicken that could fetch her 50 bucks or a Pewter Mug that could send her to Scotland to attend the Highland Games.

We travel coast to coast offering cash, trips & prizes to ordinary people for their prized possessions, knick knacks, collectibles and in some cases?JUNK! That?s right because ?One man?s garbage is another man?s treasure?!

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?Put Your Finger On It?: This is when Jason offers mad cash for ordinary household items such as drum sticks, a World?s Greatest Dad coffee mug or even a rubber chicken.

?It?s a Small World?: When Jason gives away cash or trips for the correct answer to a Geography or travel question. ?You hear a woman answer the phone by saying moshi, moshi. What country are you in?? Japan is the correct answer and we wipe to a mini travel log of Japan and footage of a Japanese woman saying ?moshi, moshi?.

?Guess It To Win it?: Jason gives the eager homeowner a choice between 3 multiple choice answers to a travel question. ?Which place is not in Canada: (a) Nunavut, (b) Kalamazoo, or (c) Yukon??

?Neighborhood Watch?: We ask you to find something. If you can?t find it within the time limit, you are allowed to run over to your neighbors house and ask them if they have the item. If they find it, you both share the reward.

?Music Lover?s?
: We ask the homeowner to find an Elvis record perhaps, for a chance to win cash or even a trip to Graceland.

?Stamp Collection? : You have 1 minute to find your passport and show us 5 stamps from 5 different countries for a chance to travel to one of those countries.

We LOVE to give stuff away. We?ll sometimes give prizes away just for answering a trivia question about your town correctly. ?Mr. and Mrs. Hammersmith, I?ll give you a Caribbean Cruise for two if you can tell me the name of the cruise line that docks every summer in the Halifax Harbor?

It's high-energy antics for some potentially high-stake winnings!

- Niagara Falls, NY - Savannah, Georgia
- St. John's, Newfoundland - Laughlin, Nevada
- Hallandale Beach, Florida - San Diego, California
- Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island - Stratford, Ontario
- Lake Havasu City, Arizona - Temecula, California