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Stunning images abound from the fire of a glassblowing hothouse to the sky above the Cascade Mountains in California to the deep blue waters of Hawaii. Creative Nature takes you on a unique adventure and a portrait of an artist who is truly a product of his environment. This is the rugged and daring world of master glass blower William Morris.

Bill?s life can be broken down into three components: the public persona of his exhibitions in the world?s foremost museums and galleries; the hotshop where he and his team produce stunning artwork using fire and glass and the time away from work where his diverse interactions with the world around him influence his aesthetic decisions. Weaving interviews with Bill, his team members, and his collaborators, allows us to view him in a multi-dimensional way. Whether its swimming with sharks or climbing mountain peaks, you will see first hand what inspires Morris. We have put a camera in some exciting places to capture this film: 12,500 feet in the air on a paraglider, hanging off a cliff face while rock climbing, walking through flowing lava fields and under water scuba diving in the blue waters of Hawaii.

Bill Morris? art and life connect the past and the present with the future in the most astonishing and inspirational ways.

For more info on the film and the filmmakers
please see: http://www.creativenaturefilm.com