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Hosts Jason Agnew and Matt Chin travel across North America to experience the most bizarre in trade show, convention and festival culture. They?re The Conventioneers!

The Conventioneers is a hybrid "sketch comedy" & "man on the street" program in which Jason and Matt attend festivals and trade shows across North America and perform quick, comedic interviews with the very "passionate" and often sincere convention going patrons.

From The UFO expo in Roswell, New Mexico, to the Testicle Festival in Missoula, Montana to various International Comicon events... Matt and Jay have attended some of the most unusual gatherings, and interviewed some of the quirkiest people you?ll meet on TV. If the convention happens to lack personality, Matt and Jay take it upon themselves to provide it! The guys have been escorted out of, and banned from nearly 25 conventions in their 7 season run!

Each episode begins with a 90-second long sketch, shot on-location at the fictional home of Matt and Jason, who play roommates in the show. The sketch is comedic in nature and themed to the convention that the guys will be attending in the episode. They then head to the exhibit and do their best to blend in? by sticking out!

Some of the conventions featured are:

Roswell UFO Festival: Jason Agnew and Matt Chin find themselves surrounded by conspiracy theorists, and other assorted freaks in Roswell, New Mexico.

Marijuana March: Matt and Jay continue to learn about the cannabis culture and poke and prod potheads at the Freedom FEestival + Marijuana March.

Chinatown Festival: Matt decides to get back to his roots and takes Jay to the Chinatown festival where Jay looks to put some stereotypes to the test. Plus a cameo by the ?fat ninja?!

UFC Fan Expo: Our hosts jump into the trade show octagon at The UFC: Ultimate Fighting Championship Fan Expo.

Sex Show: Jason and Matt are neck deep in assorted sex toys at The Everything To Do With Sex Show.. where the phrase ?come as you are? takes on a whole new meaning!

Superman Celebration: In Metropolis, Illinois (google it), twenty thousand people drss up as the Man of Steel and talk comic books- talk about easy targets!

Body Building Convention: Jay asks people to assist him with the first step to becoming a professional body-builder? shaving off all of his body hair!

VIDcon: The boys are in sunny Los Angeles as Matt drags Jay to VIDcon, (the world?s largest YouTube convention), where we get under the pasty white skin of some of these so-called YouTube celebrities.

Oktoberfest: Break out the beer and bratwurst as Matt and Jay make their way to the German inspired Oktoberfest celebration and take sausage stuffing to a whole new level.

Tattoo Convention: Hosts, Jason Agnew and Matt Chin ask how grotesquely can someone mutilate their body at the Tattoo and Body Modification Convention.

Scottish Festival: If it?s not Scottish it?s CRAP! And in this episode, Hosts, Jason Agnew and Matt Chin do their best to prove that theory at The Scottish Festival.

Taste of Italy Show: Matt and Jason dish out a whole bunch of ?how you doin?s?? as they try their on their best Tony Soprano impersonations