Johnny Cash: Song By Song
Each episode provides unparrelleled insight into many of the man in black's most famous songs.


Dolly Parton: Song by Song
Explore the stories behind Dolly's hit songs, including her inspiration for writing them, and the impacts and legacies they've had.
  Innovators In Music
Six shows that reveal a glimpse into the dynamic world of rock'n'roll's influential music makers.

  Art Star and the Sudanese Twins
Follow artist Vanessa Beecroft?s intentions to adopt orphaned twins and how this bleeds into her art and her personal life.
Follows an adventurous band of guerilla photographers/urban
adventurers as they slip behind the barricades
to capture haunting images...more>>
  To Be Heard
Lives and language on the edge: Three teens from the Bronx tell their stories of friendship, love and struggle, and show how a radical poetry class can ignite change.
One man, alone on the surface of the earth, in
the middle of the
  Beautiful Noise
39 Live Performances. 39
Exceptional Artists. In HD.
High Tech Soul
This documentary film traces the creation of Techno music as it sprung to life in the inner city of Detroit. From the riots of 1967...more>>
  Music From The
Inside Out
A cinematic exploration of music through the stories and artistry of the musicians of celebrated Philadelphia Orchestra.
  Behind The Lens
Explores the emotional and sometimes contentious relationship between the person behind the camera and their subjects. From the dangers of the war zone to.
  Bomb It
Explores how graffiti has developed worldwide to encompass stenciling, postering, and any unsanctioned graphic ?interference? in public space.
Creative Nature
Creative Nature takes you
on a unique adventure and
a portrait of an artist who
is truly a product of his environment.
  Coals To Newcastle
A music road trip that follows The New Mastersounds, a UK-based funk band, to the musical and spiritual birthplace of their genre ? New Orleans.
  Johnny Cash -
The Anthology
A one-hour special featuring Johnny Cash performing 14 of his greatest hits in their entirety...more>>
  Young Rebels: Revolution in Rhyme
Back in its early days, before the Beamers, the Bling Bling, and the Booty, Hip-Hop bore all the markings of...more>>
Willie Nelson - My Life
The close-up portrait of
America?s favorite singer/
songwriter, from the days when he sold one of his early hits to buy...more>>
  Jazz Renaissance
Solo and duet performances of the young lions of
jazz: trumpeter Nicholas Payton and pianist Cyrus Chestnut...more>>
  Road Songs: A Portrait of Robbie Robertson
One of the pop music's
legendary musicians, Robbie Robertson's 'noise' had been heard...more>>

  Night Sounds
In HD. Meet 3 of smooth jazz's most popular artists
in this special studio recording.
Cecil Taylor:
All the Notes

Director Christopher Felver has made it his mission to document firebrand movements and personalties...more>>
  Picture Start
Tells the remarkable?and unlikely?story of the emergence and rise of the original generation of the so called ?Vancouver School? of photo-conceptual artists, who world-renoun.
200 x 2 minute music profiles that includes concert footage & interview clips produced by French world music magazine...more>>
  Impact: Songs that changed Styles, Fashions, Culture and Societies.
A half-hour series that
puts the spotlight on the songs that have...more>>
Dewey Time: A Jazz Life
Every jazz musician has a story. Profile of versatile jazz saxophonist, Dewey Redman, with interviews with son...more>>
  Solos: Jazz Sessions
The Jazz Sessions
spotlights unaccompanied
performances by some of
the legends and bright
young stars of the jazz
  Duos - The Jazz Sessions A series of intimate
performances of jazz
musicians with small
snippets of dialogue on
music and the special
  Musica Libre
Musica Libre is a wonderful trip through the world of Carribean Music. Discover all the rhythms and flavors, from the ancient...more>>
Inside Outside/
Good Copy Bad Copy
Rosforth Films presents two documentaries on Street Art culture and Remix Culture amongst today's youth around the world.
  Tribute Bands
A 3-part documentary
series that explores a
world that lies somewhere
between fame and
obscurity, the often bizarre
world of tribute bands.
  Stocktown ? Global Urban Culture
This cutting edge music documentary explores the most interesting lifestyles and independent music.
  Johnny Cash:
Half Mile a Day
A two-hour special
detailing the incredible six-
decade career and the life
of ?The Man in Black?
through performance.