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Follow two adventurous young men, Bryan Adamas and Bryan Wallwork, as they embark on an epic canoe trip from Milk River, Alberta to New Orleans, Louisiana. The 6-month journey will take them 3,500 Miles south-east across America, passing through 10 different states.

These modern day explorers are experienced adventurers; however, they have never taken on a challenge of this magnitude. This is an arduous journey, one which dates back to the early 1600s when ?early settlers? traveled by canoe to trade furs for goods at the ports of New Orleans.

These two won?t have 300 pounds of beaver pelts to carry with them, however many obstacles lie ahead. Rough waters, camping for more than two hundred days in the wilderness, and navigating the unknown waters are just a few of the challenges they will face and our cameras will be there to capture every portage, rapids run and broken paddle along the way.

Because they can only carry a limited amount of supplies in their un-motorized craft, Bryan and Bryan will have to make 23 different stops along the way. This will provide us and the press with oportunities to get caught up with the boys for interviews and to explore the surrounding areas.

Episode 1 ? Let?s Roll!
The Bryans say goodbye to friends and family in Montreal and begin their journey downstream from Milk River, Alberta to New Orleans. Oh, snap! Bryan Wallwork gets injured 2 days into the journey.

Episode 2 ? Always Stay in the Boat, Uh, Canoe!
The Paddling Bryans decide to take a day off from paddling to explore the scenery. They hike up a mountain to get a birds eye view of the river they are traveling and get the creeps while investigating an abandoned farmhouse.

Episode 3 ? International Crisis?
The boys hurry downstream to cross the boarder into the State of Montana, only to be stopped dead in their tracks by the US boarder patrol. Could this already be the end of their journey?

Episode 4 ? The Portage Test
The Bryans face their biggest challenge yet. The first big portage, lugging the canoe and 800 pounds of survival equipment proves to be too much to handle for Bryan Wallwork.

Episode 5 ? Hitting The Wall
The guys reach North Dakota but the river is dried up. They now have to drag the canoe for two days from muddy pond to dried up creeks. Morale is low and thoughts of packing it in start creeping in? but they keep going in hopes of reaching Lake Sakakawea.

Episode 6 ?There's a Storm-a-Comin'
At this point of the journey the boys find themselves fighting against the weather. The high winds in South Dakota make it too dangerous to canoe so the Bryans set up camp hoping for the best. The bad weather turns into an October blizzard- the Bryans survival skills are put to the test.

Episode 7 ?Tastes Like Chicken
The Bryans head towards Missouri but the extreme cold and poor living conditions take a toll on the boys. They find and attempt to eat a dead, floating duck.

Episode 8 ? Not that Glasgow
The guys arrive in Glasgow, Missouri and decide to stay for a College Basketball game. They have way too much fun and one Bryan ends up in handcuffs.

Episode 9 ?Deep Freeze
As the Paddling Bryans approach St Louis, Missouri, the river completely freezes up around them. They are now in a life and death situation and are unsure if the journey can continue.

Episode 10 ? It's a "Rap"
The Bryans arrive in St Louis, Missouri and make a scheduled stop to have a look at the famous arch. They also hang with a hip hop group along the shores of the Missouri river.

Episode 11 ? The Mighty Mississippi
The Paddling Bryans finally hit the "Mighty" Mississippi river and get excited to shed their cold weather "Monkey suits'. They soon realize just how dangerous the Mississippi river can be.

Episode 12 ? Na-Na-Natchez
The weather turns cold again and the boys leave Memphis, Tennessee in search of warmer temperatures. They weave their way around huge barges and head for the historic and picturesque town of Natchez, Mississippi.

Episode 13 ? The Home Stretch
The guys are now faced with the possibility of not reaching New Orleans on time. There is no time to waste and the trip now becomes a mad dash to the finish line.