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For some, friendships make this journey called life all worthwhile. This is a film about two friends who are tested through events that get perpetually worse, all in the name of comedy. For those who don't know who Gavin McInnes is, he is the co-founder of Vice Magazine and is considered to be the "Godfather of Hipsterdom."  When the author decides to turn his book tour into a stand-up comedy tour, he enlists his best friend from high school to come along. As the tour progresses however our heroes learn they're not kids anymore and what started out as mere hijinx is now endangering their friendship, their careers, and their lives.

McInnes doesn't necessarily see himself as a comedian, so it's funny that he decides to make a documentary following a comedy tour he has designed to promote his new book. His best friend since high school, Steve Durand, comes along for the ride. Steve is hesitant to agree at first but after four hours of heavy drinking and a Bob Shake, the two are off on a 8 day adventure. Oh, for those who are curious, a Bob Shake is something these crazy Canucks came up with when they were in high school to solidify an agreement (no erasies either). The fact that two 40-somethings take something like that so seriously is comedy itself.

As the tour goes on, the crass Gavin opens up more and more about not only his friendship with Steve, but also aspects of his life, like his relationship with his family. Without giving too much away, this movie blends documentary with meta-mockumentary elements. This film is made in the vein of something like Borat or a Jackass film. However, this film has a lot more heart and character where those other films try hard to sell you caricature. Whether it's Gavin doing his off-kilter standup, or lecturing young people on how they are losing out on enjoying farts whilst in a convertible, this film is chock full of laughs!