BEHIND THE LENS (52 x 30')

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BEHIND THE LENS points the lens back at the people who show us different ways to look at the world by capturing images we see everyday in magazines, billboards, books, film, on the web and television. What do they reveal about themselves through these images? How do they see the world and how does it affect the millions of people who see it once it?s release to the public?

The series also explores the emotional and sometimes contentious relationship between the person behind the camera and their subjects. From the dangers of the war zone to the sensuous world of erotica, adventurous nature shooters to glamorous celebrity photographers, you get up close and personal with the artist taking the photograph
and the subjects he/she is shooting.

With no on-camera host, our cameras are always moving; hunting for an interesting moment to capture in his/her environment. Each show is packaged with unique and complimentary music, graphics and an editing style that reflects each distinctive story.