ALL OUT WAR (80' & 1HR coming soon.)

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Somewhere in the world right now, two people are using every ounce of their strength, passion and creativity to destroy each other in combat. This ritual can be witnessed in any city from N.Y. to Shanghai. It’s called battling, and it’s the main pillar of one of modern history’s most explosive subcultures: b-boying.

B-boying, or break dancing, is a style of street dance that was born in the 70’s on the pavement of forgotten neighborhoods. Initially viewed as a fad, 40 years of progression have proven that breaking is here to stay. Today, this urban art form has a worldwide presence and grows in scale and influence every day.

The stories of Machine, Alien Ness, Dyzee and Casper intersect at one of b-boying’s most prestigious competitions: The King of the Ring. The individuals in this film still represent how the art form grew out of groups of disaffected and dispossessed youth in the inner-city.

This sets All Out War apart from a growing list of breaking films. Instead of simply focusing on the battles, i.e. dancing, this film equally devotes itself to the warriors. This devotion leads to the discovery of new truths about breaking and what it takes to be the best in the world.